Saturday, October 8, 2016

It’s time for the Blackhawks to give Mark McNeill his shot

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When the Chicago Blackhawks moved away from the first round of the NHL Entry Draft 2011, they did so by adding two strong prospects to their farm system in Mark McNeill, picked at No. 18, and Phillip Danault, picked at No. 26 . McNeill entered the draft after a very impressive season for Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL, recording 81 points in 70 games during the 2010-11 season.

As a forward-bodied with a hint of proven score, there were plenty of reasons for brass and fans alike Cheap Blackhawks Jersey be excited about its potential as someone the team could become a good player at the NHL level.

However, things have not gone well since most expect McNeill. In three seasons with Rockford IceHogs AHL, McNeill has failed to demonstrate the ability and potential that you might expect from a former first-round pick. He has not been bad by any means, but not at the level expected of a player with his pedigree.

Still, to his credit, McNeill has consistently improved its production to AHL level. It has posted back-to-back 20-goal seasons for pigs 40 points, and career highs of 25 goals and 28 points last season are presented in 64 contests. He also served as an alternate captain.

McNeill saw no NHL experience at all during his first two seasons in Rockford, however. When he was finally called up last season to make his debut in the NHL, it was just a season immediately preceding the All-Star Game before being sent back to pigs party.

Now that McNeill withdraws from the contract signing his fist NHL three years, he is now forced to pass through waivers in order to be assigned to Rockford this season. That means the Blackhawks are obliged to give him a shot at the big club, or they will risk losing him for nothing assigning Rockford. That seems pretty good motivation to give at least one type of your shot.

For more reasons than just the resignations, however, it's time to give the Blackhawks McNeill a real chance to prove it was not a wasted pick.

Despite the fact that it has not been particularly impressive yet in his career, there is something to say about McNeill constantly improving from year to year for pigs. After posting 37 points in 78 games in his first season as a professional in 2013-14, McNeill improved to 44 points in 63 games in 2014-15, and then again to the aforementioned 48 points in 64 contests in 2015-16 .

That ability to constantly improve its production to safe despite frustration at seeing other players have a chance with the Blackhawks as he was not worthy of praise is both impressive. Moreover, this constant increase in production gives reason to believe that he could become a good partner in the field of the NHL, even if only as a scorer bottom six.

But the fact that McNeill has not yet had a real shot at the NHL level four years after being drafted makes it difficult for him to pin down.

Of course, not all first-round draft pick will become a superstar, and pedigree does not guarantee playing time. But McNeill is also the only first-round pick of the first three drafts of Stan Bowman has not won a real chance in the NHL, even if it were not for the Blackhawks. It would be a clear statement by the team to hit waivers and potentially cost him about anything without having to give Chicago a prolonged period.

Teams obviously do not want to be losing first-round picks in the players who turn out to be busts. The Blackhawks saw too much of this during the reign of Dale Tallon as GM, Jack Skille Kyle Beach. Although it may still be too early to say that McNeill loss or bust, the time for patience is running out with him. Panarin Jersey.

It is time for the Blackhawks to give a real chance McNeill from the main list this fall, with an extended look and no urgent decisions. He has to play at least 15-25 games at the NHL level earlier this year to allow the Blackhawks a real opportunity to assess what they can bring to the team. If you encounter a slot, keep it around and see if you can not develop that ability to score that showed a little lower levels. If you are not yet seen as belonging to the NHL level, you can let resignations hit a few weeks later.

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