Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Canada taking Europe seriously in World Cup of Hockey final

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When memories of the old days of Team Canada-Europe of hockey "rivalry", you must go back to your memory all the way back ... last Wednesday.

This is the only time the finalists for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, which begins at Toronto's Air Canada Centre on Tuesday night (CBC,, CBC Sports app, 7:30 p.m. ET), met in the competition, Canada won the game easily 4-1.

How to watch the World Cup final hockey on CBC Sports
For evidence, Canada clashes with Team Europe does not have the rich history of Canada-United States, Canada, Russia or even Canada, Finland, the last fighters in World Cup hockey final in 2004. But there is no shortage of storylines.

"The hype can not be the same, but this is a final series," said Canadian forward Brad Marchand, who was euphoric after Monday signed eight years, $ 49 million US contract extension with the Bruins Boston. Équipe Canada chandail de hockey.

Marchand was tied for the lead of the tournament in goals scored with Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews teammates with three in four games.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Europe has had a Cinderella run at the World Cup of Hockey, but Canada is its midnight

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TORONTO - The last team standing in the way of mastodon Canada won the Hockey World Cup was the fruit of the imagination of the NHL.

Oh, but they are for real, all right.

Team Europe faces shockingly Canada in the best of the last three after upsetting Sweden in the semifinals.

Flash back to September 11, when, after four periods of play preseason games, Europe was down 9-1 to North American children. Can you imagine the reaction of European players in this moment even if you had told them they would be in the final of the World Cup two weeks later?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

World Cup of Hockey: Red-hot Bobrovsky stands in Canada's way

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TORONTO - Best quote of the game Sergei Bobrovsky the World Cup of Hockey came from a colleague Nikita Zaitsev, who said that the Russian goalie is "the most important part of our team."

Worst quote could have come from the head coach is Bobrovský. Following Thursday's 21-save shutout against Finland, a win which qualified to the semifinals Russia, Oleg Znarok said, "It's a hockey game and he did block. All goalkeepers that - block shots."

Maybe something was lost in translation. Or maybe Znarok was so spoiled by watching the play Bobrovsky, have forgotten that most of the other goalkeepers do not usually spend the whole game standing on their heads to make the highlight reel saves.

Blocking shots? Technically, that's what 28-year-old Bobrovsky was doing. But you'd have to be blind not to realize the Columbus Blue Jackets are also doing much more for Russia.

Bobrovsky is why Russia, a team that is ahead, who do not like backcheck and defenders whose names you've probably never heard of, won the final four date with Canada.

It was Bobrovsky who robbed Connor McDavid in a breakaway in the 4-3 victory over North America on Monday. And it was Bobrovsky, who stopped every shot he faced in a 3-0 win against Finland on Thursday. And if Russia hopes to knock the host country on Saturday night, Bobrovsky must keep it up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

World Cup of Hockey: U.S. eliminated in loss to Canada

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TORONTO - Patrick Kane was on the verge of tears when the final bell rang in another American defeat in Canada Hockey Jersey.

4-2 Wipeout US eliminated the hockey World Cup on Tuesday night, ending what was perhaps the best opportunity for this generation of players to win an international competition. Instead, US flamed out in two games, leaving disappointment, frustration and a lot of questions about program management.

For the US team, Detroit Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader was a minus-1 in 11:16 minutes of ice time. Livonia Ryan Kesler (Anaheim Ducks) was a minus-1 in 16:31 of ice time. Former Michigan Wolverines forward Max Pacioretty (Montreal Canadiens) was also a minus-1 in 11:34 TOI.

► The US group I just could not match the best

Monday, September 19, 2016

How World Cup of Hockey can secure place in hockey's future

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TORONTO - No matter 1996 or 1987 or a Canada Cup or even the first incarnations of the hockey World Cup. The past, as glorious as it might have been, is the past. Finis. Over and done with.

But the future?

This is really the history of the World Cup of Hockey Jersey 2016 first best-on-best tournament in the sport since the World Cup easily forgotten 2004, which came on the eve of a lockout.

Historically, this horny tournament was fired from the cabinet when hockey league and the players needed to strengthen their personal coffers. Now the tournament to prove that he deserves a place in the International Hockey table.

If well done, many believe there is a place for such a tournament.

Longtime NHL coach Andy Murray International, an assistant for Team Canada in 1996, said he believes the early fall is the perfect time for this kind of tournament. The players are fresh, they love to play for their country, and there is more time to prepare for the Olympics, resulting in higher potential for quality hockey.

As a stand-alone event, the Hockey World Cup is no shortage of competing interests and juice. In part, this is because of the pace of the Team America North team consisting of players under 24 from Canada and the United States.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stunning U.S. loss to Europe shows need for Patrick Kane to take control

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Roster Team Canada Hockey Jersey at the world hockey championship is so complex that it has a six-time NHL All-Star and former Hart Trophy winner Joe Thornton on his fourth line.

The two-time reigning Olympic medalists Gold are favorites to grab the World Cup, which began on Saturday at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and just happen to be the next opponent for the United States, which is reeling after a 3-0 upset loss to the European team in the first match of the two the week of the tournament.

US placed itself under the threat of an early exit from the lethargic effort against Europe and will need someone to take control if he has big ideas on what to run to the championship tournament.

Someone like, say, a certain number 88.

"I would go so far as to say that our team has a good chance because Patrick Kane in the prime of life," said Team USA winger Max Pacioretty of the Blackhawks. "I feel that he is the best player in the game (and) ... this tournament is set perfectly for him.

"A guy like that can change a game in one shift, so for the rest of the team, our identity will be difficult to play against, and make life difficult for them. But 'Kaner,' let him do his job, let him play offense. He is the best in the world it, and it will be interesting to watch. "

It was mostly difficult to observe Americans against Europe as a rag-tag group of players from eight countries, controlled play throughout to pull off the stunner.

Galak made 35 saves to record the shutout while Gaborik, Leon Draisaitl Bellmar and scored to provide the offense for Team Europe.

"We are chasing the tournament - is a place that we do not want to be in," said US coach John Tortorella. "This is a very dangerous place, but we're here. So we just have to stick together, do not blow themselves up here and have a few good days of practice and get ready for our next opponent and try to do better."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

World Cup of Hockey: Team Europe preview (Puck Daddy)

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Hockey World Cup is scheduled NHL collateral tournament in the next few weeks in the beautiful Toronto, it came back. From sporting events of Yahoo will provide on-site coverage. But first, here is a look at the six countries, funny - is a 2-made team of up to fight for the sake of looking trophy.


Saturday, the United States versus September 17, at 3:30 p.m. ET
Fire, Czech Republic versus September 19, 3:00 pm ET
Tree, Canada versus September 21, 8 pm ET

Career NHL games - 12008
Career NHL goal (skater) - 2496
Career NHL assist (skater) - 4108
Career NHL point (skater) - 6604
Victory of career NHL (goal tender) - 274
The average age - 30.3
The average height (inches) - 72.8
Average weight (lbs) - 201.9
Stanley Cup - 8


Your Anze Kopitars, Marian Gaboriks, Matt Zuccarellos and Marian Hossas is, but it is expected that all the major cause of this team, in their final pre-tournament game against Sweden, it is Leon Draisaitl is a hat-trick we promised to aggregate reference. It decreases in their second game, after seeing his minute, Edmonton Oilers young people is a good sign when you consider the amount of secondary scoring that is needed for team Europe, replied.

In other words, secondary scoring also combined for two goals and six points in three games Thomas Tatar, Nino Niederreiter and Thomas bus Nyekku, it must come from the likes of.

Team Europe, probably is not a whole lot of depth up front of the scoring for something that will be cause for concern.